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Your customers prefer to text.

BzzTxt is a business-grade solution that allows you to text your customers.
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Text your customers.

BzzTxt gives you the tools to make texting your customers easy. Your customers do not need to download an app, they can continue to send normal text messages.

Text customers from all of your devices.

Text messages can be sent or received from any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

  • This allows your office staff the ability to send messages from their desktop computer.

  • Field employees can use the iOS and Android mobile apps to stay connected while on the go.


Keep your personal number private.

Stop carrying two (or more) phones. With BzzTxt, you get one new and unique phone number for your customers to text and call. Use the BzzTxt app from any of your devices to manage all business communications.

  • Disable notifications when you are done working or on vacation.

  • BzzTxt eliminates the need for field representatives to use their personal number to contact customers, giving you complete visibility in every customer interaction.

Bring in business around the clock.

Your BzzTxt number is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows new leads, service requests, and follow ups to come in around the clock.

You are in complete control of when you're notified and can respond when it is convenient for you.


One message thread.

Everyone (you allow) in your business communicates with the customer in the same messaging thread.

  • New employees can read old messages to get up to speed with the customer's needs.

  • Managers can read the messages to ensure quality customer interactions.

Create great reviews with happy customers.

BzzTxt makes it easy to take your customer service to the next level.

  • After a service call, seamlessly text the customer to check in and get immediate feedback.

  • Any issues can be proactively resolved, while satisfied customers can be sent a link to leave an online review.



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